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Meet the Artist

Hi, I'm

Hi, I'm Tori! (They/them) I am a Durham NC based tattoo artist and digital artist.

I have been tattooing since 2021. I love all things cute and sparkly! I grew up watching anime, playing videos, and being a chronically online gremlin my whole life. All of these things have greatly inspired my work!

 Tattooing is my absolute passion and I cannot imagine doing anything else. It brings me so much joy to create and share my art with all of my clients!

 I take great pride in my bedside manner for all of my clients. I'm a firm believer that client satisfaction and comfort should be of the most upmost importance in my tattoo practice. Getting tattooed is already a stressful and painful process so I want to do whatever I can to make sure you are comfortable and happy!

Art-style & Education 

My art background is rooted in high-school anime doodles, halloween craft nights with my mom, and finger painting.


While my main focus is kawaii and anime, I try not to limit myself. I love neo-traditional, horror, black work, etc. I also love blending those styles as well!


I have a bachelor's in New Media and Design from UNCG. I focused my studies on color theory, composition, and digital art. I still actively work on building my artistic skills every chance I get!

Meet my Booking Coordinator!

(aka: The Artist Wrangler)

Hi I'm Helen,

Hi, I’m Helen (she/they), and I am so excited to serve as a “booking coordinator” for Tori/UnBirthday Ink!


I’ve known Tori for 12+ years, as they are not only my best friend, but also my sibling-in-law. I’ve been very lucky to get so many amazing tattoos from Tori over the years, and have loved getting to see them grow and blossom as an artist. In recent years, I’ve gotten to assist Tori at conventions and help them run their booth, and over time, stepping in to help them handle the booking process just made sense!

Helen pic.jpeg

A Bit More About Me:

I currently live in Durham, NC with my lovely spouse and 2 cats. I have 20+ tattoos and also work as a speech-language pathologist at several hospitals in my area. I aim to make the booking process as easy as possible, and can’t wait to help facilitate Tori doing your dream tattoo for you! 

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