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Classic Tattoo Aftercare

1. Remove the bandage within 2 hours. If the bandage sticks to the tattoo, wet it slightly and gently remove it.


2. Wash gently with non-scented, antibacterial soap and warm water. DO NOT scrub or soak your tattoo.


3. Pat dry your tattoo with a fresh towel. DO NOT rub dry.


4. Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor or unscented hand lotion often for 5 to 7 days (washing it before each time).


5. Avoid pools, beaches, jacuzzis, baths or dirty conditions for a week and a half. Loose-fitting clothing should be worn over the tattoo for the duration of the healing process to avoid irritation.


6. Do not pick or scratch at the flaky-like scab that will develop as it heals. Always use clean hands when handling your new tattoo.


7.  Contact me if you have ANY questions regarding your tattoo during the healing period.

Derm Shield/Second-skin Tattoo Aftercare

1. Keep the Derm Shield on for 3-5 days. you will notice colored liquid building up under the warp. This is what is called an "ink sack" it is a mixture of blood, plasma, and ink being excreted from the body. This is your body's immune system at work! You may notice the ink sack begins to "dry" after 2-3 days and this is normal and will wash off when you take the bandage off.

2. Once it is time to take off your Derm Shield you will gently peel off the film under lukewarm water with unscented antibacterial soap. You will notice some leftover "juices" from your ink sack this is normal and will wash off as you clean your tattoo. Once the Derm Shield is completely off make sure to thoroughly wash your tattoo with the soap and rinse it off completely. After your tattoo is washed off please blot it dry with a clean paper towel. 

3. After blotting with a paper towel you will get a pea-sized amount of unscented lotion and begin gently working the lotion into the tattoo. The Derm Shield will help prevent any harsh scabbing however, you may still have some sunburnt-style peeling during the healing process. 

4. Apply lotion 2-3 times a day using a pea-sized amount. make sure to NOT over moisturize. Your body does all the healing we are just helping along for the best results.

Important Things to Note!

Protect your tattoo during the healing process

Please avoid pools, lakes, hot tubs, and baths during the healing process. By getting a tattoo we are opening the skin during the process and as such you should treat your tattoo as an open wound. If you do not use the Derm Shield make sure to keep the tattoo clean using the classic tattoo aftercare instructions above. Make sure to not wear any tight or rough textured clothing on your fresh tattoo as well. 

Do Not Pick

While your tattoo is healing you may notice scabbing or peeling. Please do not pick or scratch your tattoo. Your tattoo will be VERY itchy during the healing process. instead of scratching give your tattoo a little slap slap and that will help. If you pick or scratch your tattoo and knock a scab off before it's ready to fall off you may see the color come out as well. So again, please do not pick your scabs! 

Possible Derm Shield Allergy

I will go over all of the pros and cons of Derm Shield during our appointment. However, if you choose to try Derm Shield and it is your first time wearing Derm Shield here are some important things to note.

 If you notice swelling and redness forming around the edge of the Derm Shield after 12 hours, remove the Derm Shield immediately by using the tips above. This is a sign that you might have an allergy to the wrap. 

The wrap will typically be a little itchy, especially towards the end of wearing it. However, if the wrap is unbearably itchy remove it immediately.


If you have to remove the wrap early please follow the Classic tattoo aftercare instructions.   

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